SUEDE GOAT: high filling power, without losing brightness

Perfect for treatments on Indian goats and in general on goats with empty fibres.
In such cases the retanning process requires large quantities of retanning agents, that are anionic.
Anionic products have high filling power but meanwhile weaken the fixation of the dyestuff. As a consequence the final colour has poor brightness.

Our products and technology allow to overcome the above mentioned limits. All the tests carried out up to now have certified that final quality is comparable to the effect achievable on Nigerian goats, hence very high.


1) SHORT NAP --> thanks to the tecnology and to the special products used
2) BRILLIANT COLOUR --> the final article is basically metal-based (chrome-alluminium), although it seems natural-synthetic-based
3) FULLNESS --> thanks to the very high quality and affinity of the retanning agents used
4) TOCCO SETOSO --> thanks to a new special non-ionic product combined with cationic amide

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suede goat